Ouchijuku 〜大内宿

The place is played an important role as a key point of trip. During the Edo-period, it was a station which did well, on Aizu-Nishi-kaido (Aizu west highway). There are well-ordered Yashikiwari, Honjin and Waki-Honjin, which left the trace of the old days. The Country Historic Preservation District.

Minamiaizu Area/Shimogo-machi
Kind Castle ruins, posting station ruins, battlefield site, historical place, etc
Time required 1 hour
Address South Aizu couty Shimogo town Yashiki Ouchi
Parking space&fee 288 sets  200yen/day
Access 20 minutes by car from Yunokamionsen Station of Aizu Line.
Reference Shimogo Planning and Tourism Division
TEL (0241)69-1144
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